Forge of Empires City Builder, Strategy MMO

  • FOE City-view
  • FOE Battle-field
  • FOE Castle-view build-menue
  • FOE Research-tree
  • FOE Oceanic-terminal
Client: InnoGames
Date: 2017
Technology: ActionScript, Robotlegs, Starling, Haxe, OpenFL, HTML5, JavaScript
Feature development for a City Builder style Massive Multiplayer Game.
Completed team during two maternity leaves and HTML5 conversion.
Build a Stone Age Settlement, fight through history and develop a magnificent empire.

Legends of Honor Strategy MMO

  • LOH Castle-view keep
  • LOH Castle-view buildings
  • LOH Battle-report
  • LOH Points-event
  • LOH Tutorial
Client: Goodgame Studios
Date: 2015
Technology: ActionScript, Robotlegs, Starling
Feature development for a Massive Multiplayer Game.
The digital painting style creates an amazing atmosphere and takes the user into a medival world.
It's combination of quick-fire, tactical combat, strategic building and unit management challanges the players to plan wisely or get defeat and see his castle burn.
On the long haul the growing legend proceeds with his allice members and diplomacy.

BMW JOY 3.0 Innovation of Today Microsite

  • BMW concept cars
  • BMW concept car Gina
  • BMW concept car Gina
  • BMW unscripted movies - user generated content
  • BMW Joy showroom
Client: Interone China
Date: 2011
Technology: ActionScript, Robotlegs
Microsite about BMW's automotive innovations of today, concept cars and unscripted movies. It features state of the art environment friendly engine solutions and amazing design studies.
The user is invited to submit his own story about the passion for BMW within the unscripted movie part. The most interesting user generated stories are shown as part of the page and shareable to Chinese social networks.
The parallax scroll of the showroom allows the user to experience the content in an explorative way and creates the illusion of driving through it.

BMW 1 Series F20 Hot vs. Cool Product Special

  • Load Progress
  • Intro Video
  • Home
  • Tag Cloud
  • Result Page
Client: Interone China
Date: 2011
Technology: ActionScript, Robotlegs
The user is greeted by two parallel video sequences, each symbolizing one of the two new BMW 1 series lines.
A 3d tag cloud menu displays a mix of terms describing the lifestyle of the target audience. The user is asked to choose five of the words by drag & drop to determine his own character. Based on his selection, a character result is displayed. If he's logged in to his Sina Weibo account the result page is personalized with picture and name. The result can be posted to his Weibo account or shared by other Chinese Microblogging services.

BMW 1 Series M Coupé Personalizeable Video

  • Intro
  • Select video
  • Playback video
  • Edit video
  • Personalized video
  • Share personalized video and download wallpaper
Client: Interone China
Date: 2011
Technology: ActionScript, Robotlegs
A viral message of speed.
Users can upload their picture or take one with a webcam. After fitting the image into the video they're invited to share it by the Chinese Sine Weibo social network or a deep-link. Of course a personalized wallpaper can be saved too.

Škoda Fabia RS WebRallye Augmented Reality Game

  • Home
  • Manual
  • Portrait
  • Race
  • Result
Client: BM8, Markenfilm Crossing
URL: Captured Video
Date: 2010
Technology: ActionScript, PureMVC, FLARToolKit
Augmented Reality game I developed for a client in Hamburg. The task was to create an unusual test drive for the new Skoda Fabia rallye sports model.
The main focus was to implement the design and navigation specifications in conjunction with the effort of level design, runtime and bandwidth performance.
To enable the favoured appearance and ability to design the levels I developed an extensible bitmap render engine. This task was easy to perform because I worked a lot with 3d engines and particle systems before.
Due to the main goal to enable navigating the car with a virtual steering wheel, printed on paper, I used the FLARToolKit, a ported version of the ARToolKit. Even though this is the fastest way to implement this feature, it took a lot of time to adjust the desired behaviours. Fortunately we won the FWA 'Site of the Day' award.
An additional, meanwhile standard feature was to enable a personalised facebook wall integration via user image and achieved result.

Schirn - Zelluloid Realtime Multiuser Microsite

  • Home
  • Artist
  • Experiment
  • Live at Schirn
Client: Scholz & Volkmer
Date: 2010
Technology: ActionScript,
Flash Media Server
This time I had the chance to work on an exciting project for Scholz&Volkmer again. While Vincent Rebers focused on the live installation and multiuser drawing tool I took the load off from him by developing the rest of the microsite. We not only had a great time, it's also honored by the Bronze DMMA-OnlineStar in the category Microsites, an Award at DDC-Gute Gestaltung and an Entry at the Annual Multimedia Yearbook.
An integrated, viral campaign related to the "CELLULOID. Cameraless film" exhibition at Schirn art gallery.
"Your artwork at the Schirn!": With a multiuser realtime drawing application the visitors design their own artwork and publish it both on the Website and on a live installation as part of the art exhibition.
All visitors and users can take part in the exhibition at the art gallery and present one of their own artwork next to other great artists.

Constantin Film - Pandorum Microsite

  • Gallery
  • About
  • Psycho Test
  • Facebook App
Client: Nolte und Lauth
URL:, facebook app
Date: 2009
Technology: ActionScript, PureMVC, SpringActionscript, Papervision3D
Another project I developed using the PureMVC micro architecture and my favorite IoC container SpringActionscript. It's the microsite for Constantin Film's new Scifi-Horror movie Padorum. I used Papervision3D for the background animations, gallery etc. check out the fullscreen mode - looks nice!

Tetrapak - Umwelt Microsite

  • Frag den Hasen
  • Recycling
Client: Philipp und Keuntje
Date: 2009
Technology: AcrionScript, PureMVC, SpringActionscript, Away3D
A project I developed using the micro architechture framework PureMVC and the IoC container SpringActionscript. The 3D Designer used Away3D to implement the model.
I like the concept of a realtime animated 3D avatar answering questions, his lips are synchrone to the voice of the speaker.

Deutsche Post Letternet Website

  • Forms
  • Interactive Section Teasers
  • Interactive Section Teasers
  • Kontakttypen-Test
  • Extensive Modules
  • Dialogs
Client: deepblue networks
Date: 2008
Technology: ActionScript, Flex, Cairngorm, FlintParticles
Modular Flex appliation with 12 multipage forms, interactive 3d video and advice modules, competitions & specials.

Adidas Originals Green Webspecial

  • Product
  • Product-Detail
  • Material
  • Product
  • Product-Range
  • Guerilla Gardeners
Client: Neue Digitale / Razorfish
Date: 2008
Technology: ActionScript, Flash, (AfterEffects)
Web special for the environment friendly, organic and recycled adidas Green collection.
Users fly around featured products of the ranges on the flight path of a bumble-bee. They zoom and dive into the natural grass oasis in an urban environment.
Amazing animation heavy project with interactive sounds that support the various perspectives. Asian font support.

Nivea Corporate Site

  • Site, Microsites, Specials
Client: Fork Unstable Media
Date: 2005 - 2008
Technology: ActionScript, Motion Design
CMS driven Corporate Site I worked on for 3 years. Flash Modules, Microsites, Product Specials, Freelancer Support, International Flash Support for Subbrands & Agencies. Adapted to more than 80 countries.

Employee - Software Developer - 2015 - 2017

Freelance 2008 - 2017

Fork 2005 - 2008 Employee - Flash Programming, Motion Design

2001 - 2005

Scholz & Volkmer 2001 - 2002Internship Flash & Design (worked on)